Awakening Tales by Nobieh
A story on the Secret of true Happiness
The Power of Faith

Today my loving soul friend, I have an inspiring story for your kids or your beloved Inner child from my series of ” Awakening Tales” I’ll be sharing with you from time to time!;)

Open your heart and read the story through. Then write back to me and tell me about your insights on the story!

Hope that you enjoy my magical friend! 😉

The magical boy!

✨Once upon a time lived 2 little boys… They were good friends and used to play soccer together… they were both bright and intelligent, one believed in magic the other one was very skeptical about it and only logic was making sense to him… Once, the boy who believed in magic saw a big butterfly flying alongside him while he was playing soccer, so he stopped and for a moment circled around with the butterfly and then reached the ball and made a goal!!! Then he turned to his friend and said: You saw that?! That was magic!!!

The other boy made fun of him and did not understand what he meant…

Years and years past, life has separated their roads and each went on into their own journeys in Life and lived their life as everyone does!…

The boy who couldn’t see the magic, became a very successful man, he made a bright career, he got rich , got Married had kids and lived a luxurious life which anyone could dream to have… but something was missing… He was not happy! He had everything in his life but something was missing… He felt empty and he didn’t know what else was missing in his life and why he could not be satisfied! After all he manifested everything in his material life but the excitement always ended very fast after having what he wanted… So what was it that he was missing???…

One day He bumped into his long lost friend… The one who believed in magic… He had the most beautiful laugh and that bright shine into his eyes! He hugged him tight and asked how he was doing… 

He noticed something in his childhood friend that he was missing in his life… 

He was truly Happy! 

So he asked him : my friend , I worked hard in my life and achieved all my goals but there is always something missing and I can’t know what happiness really is as I am never satisfied! You look so happy! What is your secret???

In that time just as he asked that question a beautiful butterfly came to fly around them… then, with a big smile the magical boy, who turned to be a magical man looked deeply at his friend and pointed out at the butterfly then said : 

This is magic! And had a big laugh…. 

That was then where the man finally got it!!! His secret was nothing but that magic he held on into his heart… He saw the magic of love in all… that magic, took him into wonderful journeys in his life… He didn’t need anything to be happy… He always had it in his heart and life reflected back at him the magic he was holding in his heart… 

The magical man then put his hand on his friend’s heart and looked into his eyes and said to him : 

Now my friend you know the secret, so from now on start your life with the magic of Love and see the miracles of life everywhere you go, then share it with anyone you meet in your way… 

They left each other and from that day, the man who was not happy became the happiest man he could be as he started to live a magical life in which life became a wonder and infinite possibilities were open for him to feel joyful… 

So now you have a choice of a magical life of wonder with Love or an ordinary, logical life of success but without any magic in it… which one will you choose????

Wish you a magical Life! Open your heart to see the magic in all!

Nobieh ♥️✨



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