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Meditation with Persian Sufi poetry

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“Meditate and nourish your heart with the ocean of Persian Sufi poets with Nobieh”

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I’m honored to present you my New book:
“ The principles of teaching yoga to  kids”

A complete guide on How to teach yoga to kids in a fun, creative and most effective way!

This book is written for Yoga teachers or yoga practitioners who like to share yoga with their kids”””

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I’m a Yoga and Dance Therapy trainer ( E-RYT500) ( RYS) ( RCYT), Founder of a conscious dance method named DONN ( Dance Of No Name) , Color & Gem consultant, Certified artisan natural perfumer, Wellness advisor, world traveler & life explorer!… 

I am dedicated to guide you into a purposeful, abundant, healthy, limitless life aligned with your soul calling.

This can be via therapy, meditation, yoga , movement & dance or through my products all align with an organic, meaningful, joyful lifestyle you want to create for yourself. 

If you want to know more about my background and what Are the gifts I can share with you, find about me on my  About page .

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I invite you into a world of healing by starting a joyful life through yoga, meditation ,Dance, insightful stories and amazing healing natural perfumes which can totally Transform your life!

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Dance of No Name by Nobieh

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“ JOYFUL LIVING” journey with Nobieh

5 step program designed to empower you to take back control of your mind, face your fears and make the changes that will transform your life

The book:

” Principles of teaching
 Yoga to Kids”

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