My story with perfumes:
Perfume is memory.

With a familiar scent we can travel far back to a memory of moments we lived & cherish within… 

I remember the loving moments on the plane, when we were about to land at our destination, my mom put on her perfume and I would close my eyes , smell it & couldn’t stop smiling then immediately with a loving scent life became more beautiful… I always loved perfumes and had a nose for that but I didn’t know one day I would make my own perfume…

When I started my journey of spirituality through yoga & meditation I became much more sensitive to smells so perfumes were out of the way as my body was rejecting it. On the other hand I still loved perfumes so I got to know about pure organic essential oils & aromatherapy.

As an aura-soma practitioner which is a system of energy healing using essence of crystals, herbs & color therapy I started to use aura mists in my yoga & healing sessions leading me to witness the magical effects on my students & clients. 

Exploring the world of Aromatherapy and getting to know more about essential oils and their effects, plus my personal passion for scents and Aromas, led me to Roll in a School of perfumery and got my professional certification in spring of 2016. Since then I created my own brand of Natural perfumery.

Today I wear my own handmade natural pure perfume & keep creating stories & memories with each scent…

You can find a blend of all my favorite essential oils in “ Nobi’s special” aura mist & through the collection of Nobieh’s aura mists travel into the magic of life through your senses…

May your journey of life be fielded with magical scents of Joy, peace & Love… 

Why Choosing Natural Perfumes ?

The perfumes found in the market & branded mostly are synthetic made with chemicals containing ingredients like parabens, phthalates, allergens, neurotoxins ,…. & mostly 90% Of alcohol. 

If you spray those perfumes on your body and not your clothes it will get absorbed by your skin , creating allergies , headaches & many other issues you might not be aware of which comes from constant use of your perfume. 

When you switch to naturals not only you can smell great but you get all the benefits from the healing properties of each essential oils used in them. 

For example , Rose oil boosts self confidence & improves your immune system , antidepressants, aphrodisiac , antiseptic & one of the best rejuvenating oil for your skin… 

Each essential oil has its own specific healing properties which affect your mental & physical body and also suits your soul… 

It’s all about choices , but if we can choose for a more natural , healthy lifestyle which can affect us & our environment, it’s worth making that shift and giving it a try!;)


All my products are Organic and lovingly hand made by myself, charged intentionally for its purpose of use.

Nobieh Aura Mists:

Natural Aromatherapy Sprays
Nobieh’s Aura Mists are gentle, refreshing, purifying and uplifting. They serve as an instant aromatherapy treatment that helps shift your energy and mood. They feature purest quality essential oils, merely suspended in distilled water

Oil perfume

100% safe for your skin & the environment oil perfume and enjoy the wonderful smell as well as the benefit from the healing effects of the organic oil & natural essential oils used in your perfume.

Perfume by design

Consultation & development of personalized perfume map & Formula!