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I’m honored to present you my New book:
“ The principles of teaching yoga to    kids”

A complete guide on How to teach yoga to kids in a fun, creative and most effective way!

This book is written for Yoga teachers or yoga practitioners who like to share yoga with their kids”””

 Take your inner child into a magical journey of yoga then play along with all the kids who’s lives will be impacted through your guidance and unique yoga sessions,  you’ll be able to design and create after reading this book. 

  By choosing to take this journey you’ll :

 Play, Laugh,Relax,Learn & Teach  yoga to kids! 

DONN is a journey within YOURSELF.

The aim is meditation.

Is to reconnect to the source.

It is your authentic dance of life; You only know how to name it once you find your own dance story… 

The book of ” Dance Of No Name : 

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