What is Dance of No Name?

A beautiful journey within…
An Art of expressing your true self &
Dance your authentic being.
A wonderful way to celebrate your uniqueness…

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Dance of No Name (DONN) was created by

Nobieh Kiani fard in 2012.

Since then she has offered many workshops all around the world.

Although It is a subset of Conscious Dance which uses all the features in the category of conscious dance, But gives the participant a deeper experience of self-discovery through body movements and hidden therapeutic tools which is used for them to unleash the hidden limitations in their body & mind and connect to their true & authentic Dance of their souls…

In 2019, She organized a successful

“leadership training program”

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DONN Leadership program 150 Hours
In Person

-100 hours direct contact with Nobieh
-50 hours assignment
-In person
Certification after completing all assinments

DONN Leadership program 150 Hours

-100 hours online directly with Nobieh
-50 hours assignment
-Certification after completing all assignments

DONN Workshop

5 Hours workshop of Dance Of Name with a specified theme.

DONN is based on 7 different forms.

The forms help you to vary your options in your movements.

To discover different ways your body can move and each form reveals a story hidden within your soul. The 7 forms of DONN take you BEYOND your form.

It TRANS-FORM you into the best version of yourself. It unleashes all the hidden shadows and takes you beyond your protective veils.

It introduces you to a new YOU.

Expansive, wild, free and unlimited.

The seed or my powerful intent for my creation of the Dance of No Name is:

Through dance we step into a journey into our Authentic self…That’s what a conscious dance is…In the Dance of No name we name our own authentic Dance of Life…

It is a therapeutic journey within yourself.In this journey I support you to become your creative being, which doesn’t need to copy from anyone else but a passionate soul who gets inspired and shares in its perfect authentic, creative self…The One who shares from the core of its being with a strong intent to serve and nourish itself and others by its Own Dance of Life…‘Be yourself’ as the world needs you exactly as you are…”

Why is it called
Dance of No Name?

At first I called it ‘Dance of Life’ but later I revised it to Dance of No Name. As along my journey of Dance leadership, in each and every session, I realized that everyone joins with a story they know and there is a story they discover through their own dance experience and leave with a new story… So there is no name I could give to this dance but a Dance of No name in which , At the end of each session participants are able to find a true name for their own dance… So today the name is revised to “ Dance Of No Name” or in short DONN.Dance of No Name is built upon “7 Forms” in which through each of them we break through our conditioned patterns of movements and move beyond our limitations, having a sense of presence in all directions and connection to the breath in each and every moment….

7 forms in DONN are:

1-Open space







“Dance of No Name” is a mystical & deep journey for the body & mind taking you beyond your limitations… helps you break through the repeating patterns and going beyond your believes and blockages you created in our mind and body through the process of growing up in the societies…

In this way the real self can discover its unique manifestation of freedom and reconnect to its wild nature,

in another words : To go back into the 3 years old child we were once in our body without all the limitations & judgments we created over the years and reconnecting to the Authentic dancer within us…

In the sea of serenity and purity, I resolved like salt.Belief, unbelief , conviction, doubt. None remained.
A star appeared inside my heart.
SEVEN Heavens disappeared in that star’s light…

Dance is a way for our soul to express itself
Dance is a way to freedom

I believe everybody can dance and there is nothing to limit anyone to become a dancer… ( To read more about my story with dance follow this link