color therapy

Color is one of the languages of the Soul. We are surrounded by Colors. Any direction we look, either in a room or in a city or in nature, We see colors everywhere around us. They impact our mood and emotions. it is the colors that give meaning and life to objects and elements, and make distinction between the objects in front of us. The impact of colors on our soul and mind is scientifically proved and using or avoiding certain colors is a way of self expression. All colors have a symbolic meaning which is related to our subconscious mind and indicates how we feel inside.

Children’s world is the world of colors and pure sense of rainbow emotions. Since explaining and expressing the feelings and conveying different concepts is difficult for children,we can use colors to know about their inner feelings. For example, we may ask the children: “What color do you think you are today? If you could give your feelings a color what would that color be? 

There is a method of healing through colors called “Chromatherapy” or “ Color therapy”in which colors are used to treat ailments. This can be through visually seeing the colors or shining the light of a related color in a particular area on the body. 

Here, We’re going to go briefly through some colors , their effect on our body and mind.  It can help you to use the knowledge of colors first for yourself and then also in your yoga kids classes. Colors are explained in the terms of their meaning , Healing properties, Preference of colors ( what does it mean when you are more drawn to this color), Aversion to color ( What does it mean when you dislike or reject a color).  I’ll also introduce some effective crystals for each color in order for you to use the crystals if you are drawn to their energies. 

*Have in mind that this is general information about the colors and is briefly described for you to be more conscious about the colors and their meanings. But there are many deeper dimensions into analyzing the colors. For example, different shades of each color can indicate a different meaning behind it, Or when you are drawn to a color or feel aversion to it, depending on your state of mind while choosing the color can hide different explanations behind it. When you are in a peaceful state of  mind in your life you are usually drawn to the right color for you but when you are facing problems and the mind is disturbed you might be drawn to a color which is not advised for you to use and might increase your symptoms without you knowing it.  For further analyzes and deeper insights on color therapy consult a color therapist or you can always write to me and ask your questions. I’ll be happy to help you connect to your colors.

Colors and their effects :


Color meaning:  White is not really considered a color spectrum. The lowest hue of each color leads to white , thus white has all colors hidden in it.  But in the color therapy, white has its own meaning and properties. White is a color of purification and cleansing. Also  it’s a color of simplicity. 

Healing properties : Whenever we are lost or can not find our true colors , white can help to open the space into re connecting to our true colors within. It has a calming effect and neutralizes the energy so that the attention can be drawn in, so perfect for meditation. Helps to balance and harmonize the body & mind. 

preference of color: Connecting to the innocence. Need to cleanse and purify. A new beginning. The connection to the truth within ourselves. *Too much using the white color ,like dressing in white all the time can lead to indifference and boredom.

Aversion to color : Not wanting to acknowledge the light within ourselves. Too realistic and not wanting to connect to the unknown. Hiding in the persona  and not wanting to face reality. 

Effective crystal : Crystal quartz / pearl/Moonstone/Selenite/White chalcedonia 


Color meaning : Warm and stimulating. Vibrant and energizing. Is the color of base chakra so also has a grounding effect.

Healing properties : Red increases the level of energy. Bring excitement and passion. For those who are inactive and sleepy, it is very appropriate but for hyperactive children may lead to intensification of excitement and anger. Red color absorbs wealth and abundance, and helps the person to strengthen his position or so-called roots in the earth. Using this color increases the courage and  self-acceptance. Energizes the heart and blood circulation.

Preference of color: A happy vibrant soul and is not afraid to show it. Confident in the skin and full of energy. determined. indicate also a need for personal freedom.

Aversion to color: Might be over active. Hot tempered.lack of body confidence. Can also hide fear of rejection & being judged. Also fear of sexuality might be a reason to reject Red color.

Effective crystal : Red Ruby, Red Coral.


Color meaning : Is an awakening and refreshing color. Color of solar plexus chakra. symbolize the sun within. warm and powerful

Healing properties : Increases learning ability and improves memory. It is anti-depression and increases self-confidence. Connecting with the power within. Since it is suitable for reducing mind shortages, it is more used in educational institutes. The person who misuses power or is hyperactive should not use this color. Generally, red, orange and yellow are not suitable for restless people and might also provoke the sense of jealousy. Using it along with purple and green, we can modify its negative effects when there is a tendency toward it.

Preference of color: Life force, vitality, happiness and joy, shows curiosity and eagerness toward learning new things. Also shows a passion for writing and reading.

Aversion to color: A person who rejects the yellow color might be someone who is emotionally disappointed and bitter. Not trusting the inner power. Lack of ambition. Tendency toward jealousy.

Effective crystal : amber / citrine/Yellow sapphire.


Color meaning : Warm,joyful & creative. Color of Sacral chakra associated with emotions and passion for life. A kind of a child-like joy, innocent and free. Color of celebration and great abundance.

Healing properties : Increases appetite and sense of pleasure. Open to creativity and joy. Relieves muscle cramps and spasms. Help to release unresolved emotions. Improves optimism and helps in depression and sadness. Balance the sexual energy.

Preference of color: embracing creativity,Enjoying life and loves celebrations. warmth and passion. social and dynamic. Independant and dedicated.

Aversion to color: Someone who rejects the color orange might have repressed sexual feelings or other issues with sensual enjoyments in life. can also be the opposite intense which is over sexual,sensual or too much attachment  to the materialistic sides of life.

Effective crystal : Corneleon, Orange agat, Sun stone.


Color meaning : Cooling. color of  the throat chakra. The color of truth and wisdom. Healing and calming. It is also the color of communication.

Healing properties :  Is suitable for calming the mind, comfortable sleep and cooling the body in heat. It is not suitable for depressed and low-energy people and can enhance a sense of melancholy when there is a tendency toward it. Promote the power of speech and help in self expression. Reveals the truth and can help to attract peaceful connections.

Preference of color: Peaceful mind, Being helpful and caring but prefer to keep a certain distance. Loyal and faithful. Also shows patience and sincerity.

Aversion to color: Too Disciplined and judgmental.  Being hard on oneself and like to keep things in a particular order. Also shows difficulty in communicating and  creating relationships and intimacy. 

Effective crystal : Blue Topaz, Aquamarine,Blue Sapphire,Larimar,Angelite,Blue lace agate.

Indigo : 

Color meaning : One of the colors of the third eye. a color between dark blue and purple. Like purple is a color of intuition but also communication with the higher self. It is a cool color but as it has some rays of red in it it is energizing and stimulating  as well.   

Healing Properties : Suitable for mental problems. Relaxed the mind. Helps to focus. It’s a healing color for the eyes and the ears. It helps to use intuition for guidance. Promotes deep concentration. The dark side of the color indicates arrogance. A color for great leadership and improving the power of speech. 

Preference of color : Feeling focused and balanced. feeling concentrated. Power of communication. Being confident as a guide or leader. Feeling arrogant and too confident. 

Aversion to color : Not trusting the intuition and inner guide. Lack of confidence as a leader. Fear of the unknown. 

Effective crystal : Lapis Lazuli, Blue Sapphire in a darker shade, Azurite,Sodalite. 


Color meaning : Is the color of Nature. It’s the color of heart chakra.  Generosity ,Openness and Trust.

Healing properties : Green is a nurturing color. Opens the heart and gives space. It is suitable for anyone who has lost their path and doesn’t have a good decision-making power; Painting a small room in green can promote a sense of openness and is suitable for those suffering from claustrophobia. It opens the heart and brings a sense of trust. Stimulate inner peace. calm the nervous system. Prevent greed and jealousy. Those who are not able to say “No” should not use green color too often, or they can mix it with pink and magenta.

Preference of color: Love of nature. Interest in plants and mother nature.  Kindness of the heart. being generous, kind and caring. Love of a warm family life. Love for Children and Animals. Time for healing. Avoiding conflicts. 

Aversion to color: Might indicate feeling independent and detached from relationships. Avoiding feelings. Not wanting to go to the heart. Not trusting. Can also reflect being unable to forgive.  

Effective crystal :  Emerald / Peridot / Green Jade/Aventurine /Malachite.


Color meaning : Turquoise is a combination of Green and Blue. The color of expression from the heart. Creativity and playfulness.

Healing properties :  Increases the sense of Rejuvenation and freshness; Provokes creativity & Playfulness. gives a sense of Freedom. Opens the heart and calms the mind. 

Preference to color:  Feeling like  a dolphin! Intuitive in a playful way without seriousness.Getting intouch with creativity and doing creative work.  Love to play!

Aversion to color: Feeling severe and serious. preference to security rather than risking in life.

Effective crystal : Turquoise, Aquamarine, Apatite,chrysocolla. 


Color meaning : Pink is a color associated with the Inner child ( Self love). The energetic location in the body is above the heart chakra where the thymus gland is. It’s also the color of Romance and softness. 

Healing properties : Helps in emotional healings. Self love and getting in touch with the inner child. Calming and nurturing. Soften the heart and can attract loving friendships. 

Preference of color: Self love and healthy inner child. feeling loved and nurtured. feeling soft and having a kind heart. being innocent. Feeling Feminine. 

Aversion to color: Lack of self love. Wounded inner child. In women or young girls might reflect  not being in touch with their femininity or denying their beauty and feminine side. 

Effective crystal : Rose quartz, Rhodochrosite , Pink Tourmaline, Rhodonite.


Color meaning : Magenta is a deep pink color. Color of Love for everything, more like a compassionate love for all. It’s also the color of beauty and dance. Goddess field.

Healing properties : Connection to the divine. connecting with our life purpose. Stimulate heart activity. Empowers feminine leadership. A great color to embrace the goddess within. Femininity. Energizing and awakening. Invitation to Dance.  

Preference of color: Feeling connected to divine. Sense of beauty and lover of dance. Feeling brave, daring and a strong will power. Focused on a goal in life. passionate and in control of the emotions.

Aversion to color: May feel challenged in dealing with strong emotions. also might show someone who wants to avoid people with strong personalities. feeling overwhelmed. 

Effective crystal : Ruby in magenta color, Garnet, Alexandrite.


Color meaning : It’s the color of the third eye. Color of intuitive creativity. unknown and mysterious.Connection to the soul.

 Healing properties : Opens the door to mystery and makes the individual closer to their spiritual inner part. The darker this color is, the more mysterious and unknown it becomes; so it can bring fear about. If the spiritual connection within us increases, we feel more attracted to this color. Purple increases the sixth sense or intuition. In meditations, it helps us be deeper and more internalized. Mixture of purple and orange is very effective on creativity. Orange is useful for increasing creativity in what we do but purple improves creativity in inspirations. In children, orange and Turquoise colors are more suitable for creativity; light purple and lilac is much more suitable for children  and causes more balance and harmony.

Preference of color: Getting in touch with the spiritual part of self. Feeling intuitive. opening the third eye. Psychic abilities. Feeling the angels. Being drawn to meditation, mysticism, spirituality and divinity. Feeling inspired. 

Aversion to color: Fear of unknown and mystery. Rejecting the spiritual side of life. Might feel skeptical and doubting the existence of the soul. Resistance for the world of dreams and fantasies.Lack of inspiration.

Effective crystal: Amethyst ,Ametrine,  Charoite, Tanzanite,Iolite.


Color meaning :  The highest spectrum of each color is black, so like white in reverse has the most intense hue of each color in it. A color of Nothingness. Shadow. Darkest mystery. Unknown. 

Healing properties : This color protects the individual. When we want to protect ourselves from unwanted energies, black could be a suitable choice. Over usage of black color, blocks the energy flow. It causes depression and increases the tendency to suicide. Interest in black color is seen a lot in teenage boys & girls  because they don’t yet have enough trust in themselves and black color provides them with a sense of being powerful, whereas, they are weak from inside. This color absorbs the sense of mercy.

Preference of color: Can symbolize : depression, sadness, seriousness, darkness, death also deep meditation, mystery, secrecy and nothingness or wholeness. 

Aversion to color: Might fear the unknown. Not wanting to face the dark sides of self. Also shows someone who wants to get free from all limitations and blockages. The desire to break Free and throw off all the veils. 

Effective crystal : Black tourmaline, Onyx, Lava,Obsidian.

The keyword of the 12 introduced colors :

White : clear

-Red: Energy

-Yellow: Power

-Blue: calmness

-Indigo: Expression

-Orange : Creativity

-Turquoise : Playfulness

-Pink : Self Love

-Magenta : Universal Love 

-Purple : Intuition 

-Black : Mystery



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