A tribute to mother earth and all mothers who gave birth to us… 

Insights from persian sufi mystic and poet, Molana Rumi.

Namaste my soul friend!

How have you started your spring?

I have been absent for a while as I was in the process of travelling and settling to my new location after a long wait due to the world situation we’re all in now…

Before I moved from my enchanted garden in which spring started to bloom to start a new life journey, I recorded a few videos, inspired by the flourishing of spring and some lovely poems from “ Molana Rumi”.

In the upcoming weeks I will upload and share them with you my sufi hearted soul friend.

Now for today :

Are you celebrating your birthday? 

Are you gifted with a body through which you express yourself in your own unique way? 

Today, my friend, is the day to celebrate your precious gifts of “ life” and honor All the mothers of LOVE! To the mother and the nurturing mothers in all of us…

Love to you in all-ways…🙌🏽❤️🦋💫

JAY MA 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

Let’s hear what Molana Rumi has to say to us on the occasion!😌

🦋Translated in English by Nobieh : 

Love is what gives joy to all creations

Love is what gives brilliance to all the existing joys!

From the beginning the mother of Love gave birth to me.

Endless blessings and gratitude to that mother.

🦋How it is pronounced: 

Eshgh aan bashad ke khalgh ra darad shad.

Eshgh aan bashad ke dad shadi ha shad

Zad ast mara madar e Eshgh az avval 

Sad rahmat o Afarin bar aan madar bad. 

🦋In its original language Farsi : 

عشق آن باشد که خلق را دارد شاد

عشق آن باشد که داد شادیها داد

زاده است مرا مادر عشق از اول

صد رحمت و آفرین بر آن مادر باد

May you always be in your joy centre and celebrate life in all the ways and all the Forms…

Love to you!



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