The gift of Alchemy

Namaste my beloved soul friend,

Have you ever felt bitter, angry ,fearful,sad,depressed,… and felt guilty or ashamed of what you were feeling inside?

Have you, while facing those emotions,felt it was a burden you have to carry in silence in your heart and never talk about it?

Well my friend, know that you are not alone!

We all experience all kinds of emotions inside ourselves and it’s part of us being human! There is no shame or blaming yourself for it, but the way we react can have life changing effects on our lives and lives of our surroundings.

Most of the time the violence and cruelty in the world happens because of the unresolved or suppressed emotions.

Our Ego gets triggered and we react without thinking of the consequence and impact which can have on ourselves and our planet.

The practice of mindfulness gives us the opportunity to observe our emotions without denying it and take action once we have calmed down our triggered ego. So we shift from “reaction” to “responding”. 

As Lao Tzu said :

“ Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? “

The way of the Sufi is always the way back to the heart.

So once recognizing the bitterness we can dive into our hearts and transform the bitterness into sweetness.

The heart always has space to forgive, to let go, to find the light and transform the poison into a sweet nectar we call LOVE.

In the video I shared at the end of this blog page, I will share with you a story about, beloved Sufi master ,persian poet Molana Rumi.

Before recording this video, once I put my feet on the grass a wasp bit my toe!

It was swollen and so painful! The funny part was that right before, I was recording a video and in the middle I saw a bee and got distracted and just went on, on my video talking about the bee as I was mesmerized by the beauty of nature with the yellow dandelions, butterflies and bees!

( I never shared this video! ;D)

But the fact was that the bee, bite me as it is its nature to protect itself from danger. She also gives us honey ( Which by the way, we need to re-think about consuming the honey as we are putting these loving creatures in danger of destruction ).

We as humans, we also react while facing danger, but we have the gift of consciousness so we can choose how to react in a way less harmful to ourselves and others around us.

Our hearts have the gift of Alchemy. We can transform our emotions through our hearts. We can notice the poison and in our hearts with forgiveness, gratitude and compassion transform it into sweetness.

Now if you have something in your heart that holds you back from experiencing your full potential of living in love and harmony with the whole existence, what are you waiting for?

Sit in meditation, go to your heart and bring love back into your heart. Bring light into your heart. Forgive those that you need to forgive. Ask forgiveness from those who need to hear it from you.

Breath and let go of the anger. Breath again and let go of your limiting beliefs…

Then breath and invite the light of abundance into your heart.

If you like to meditate on your heart, go to my previous blogs and you’ll find lots of insights and guided meditations which can help you to go to your heart and find the Sufi in you.

The Sufi here means, the one who is in Love with love itself.

Enjoy & see you soon again with more to share.



The poem mentioned in the video by Rumi :

🦋in Farsi 

خود را چون خار دیدم سوی گل بگرختم

خود را چون زهر دیدم در شکر آویختم 

🦋How it is pronounced: 

Khod ra chon khar didam souyeh gol bogrikhtam. 

Khod ra chon zahr didam, dar shekar avikhtam. 

🦋 translated in English: 

When I saw myself as torn I ran toward the flower.

When I saw myself like poison, I dived into sugar! 

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