Persian poetry with Nobieh

( sufis :People of the path of Love)

( sufis :People of the path of Love)

From Hardship to sweet spots with persian Sufis ( Insights from Persian Sufi Poets beloveds Molana Rumi & Hafez )

( People of the path of Love)

سلامی چو بوی خوش آشنایی 

بدان مردم دیده روشنایی 

درودی چو نور دل پارسایان 

بدان شمع خلوتگه پارسایی

Salutations to the day of friendship’s delight

To the pupils that have seen the light.

Greeting the heart of the righteous, bright,

To the candle of the sanctuary of the right.

“Hafez Shirazi”

Namaste beloved soul friend,

As in today’s world we are going through so much , It can be challenging sometimes to stay motivated, hopeful and happy… But the only refuge is to look within our hearts and focus on the light in our soul when we can’t see it in the outside world… Once we find and reconnect to the light within then we can shine our lights on others as well and illuminate our world with our Love…

These days I am diving deeper into the world of the Persian sufis and poets from whom the most beautiful Poems have been shared and still illuminate our world with their magic…

They shined the divine light from their devoted heart and most of these poets like : Molana Rumi, Hafez, Khayam, Hakim Sanai , Shams, Attar Neishaboori,Mahmood Shabestari and many more are from the time when the cruelest army of humans ( The mongols) violently attacked Persia.

 During the time of the Mongol invasions of the region, It was a terrible time of massacres by the invading armies, aggravations internal conflict and religious sectarianism. Yet it is also during this time that the Golden Age of Persian Sufism emerged.

The path of the Sufis is the path of Love. All the Sufi poets of that time talk about dropping the identification with the world, The dead of the Ego and rebirth in the light of Love. To get drunk with divine’s vine meaning to drink from that nectar which is the divine love song and rejoice in a new world Free from worldly desires and attachments…

Beloved master “Osho” talks beautifully about SUFIS in his selective talks “ Sufis, people of the path” : 

“Sufism is the art of removing the hindrance between you and you, between the self and the self, between the part and the whole.

A few things about this word ’Sufi’. An ancient Persian dictionary has this for the entry ’Sufi’… the definition given goes in rhyme: SUFI CHIST – SUFI, SUFIST. WHO IS A SUFI? A SUFI IS A SUFI. This is a beautiful definition. The phenomenon is indefinable. ’A Sufi is a Sufi.’ It says nothing and yet it says well. It says that the Sufi cannot be defined; there is no other word to define it, there is no other synonym, there is no possibility of defining it linguistically, there is no other indefinable phenomenon. You can live it and you can know it, but through the mind, through the intellect, it is not possible. You can become a Sufi – that is the only way to know what it is. You can taste the reality yourself, it is available. You need not go into a dictionary, you can go into existence.”

“For a Sufi, God is not an idea, it is his lived reality. It is not somewhere sitting on a throne high in the heavens, no – it is herenow, it is all over the place, it is everywhere. God is just a name for the totality of existence.”

As Osho described it so beautifully the Sufi drops the idea of God and just Live in God.

The stage where Sufis reach God and achieve the UNION is called “ FANA”. The word means to be Vanished. To become one with God. The union with the divine. 

And you can see the conversation of the Sufi poet with the divine in their poems , directly or indirectly. Sometimes the poems are devoted to the master like Molana Rumi and how he found and saw the divine through his master’s eyes, Shams. “ My Shams, My God”.

The word “Shams” which is the name of Molana’s Master , means the sun and Molana says:

پیر من و مراد من درد من و دوای من  

   فاش بگفتم این سخن شمس من و خدای من

از تو بحق رسیده ام ای حق حقگزار من   

       شکرترا ستاده ام شمس من و خدای من

مات شوم زعشق تو زانکه شه دو عالمی

       تا تو مرا نظر کنی شمس من و خدای من

 محو شوم به پیش تو تا که اثر نماندم

    شرط ادب چنین بود شمس من و خدای من

“My master, My pain and my Remedy

I reveil this secret to you who are my Sun and my God

From you, who are the truthseeker I reached to truth

I am grateful to you my Sun, my God

I am paled  in your Love as you are the king of both world

Maybe then you will see through me My Sun My God

I resolve in you and disappear 

This is the manner of a devoted Sufi My Sun My God”

“Molana Rumi”

And I finish with Hafez again who in this poem talks directly to God, describing his sorrow and longing for the divine and the conversation of the one with the beloved who is always there and that’s the only refuge through hardships and bitterness in the world. To drink from the sweet nectar of the beloved and rise in its shining lights of Love.

May all your sorrows end and May your heart always shine and rejoice in Love and May you feel at peace in this world through the comfort of being held in the path of Love… 

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Love in ALL-WAYS,


“I said I long for thee

You said your sorrows will end.

I said :Be my moon, rise up for me

You said: Only if it will ascend.

I said, from lovers learn

How with compassion burn!

Beauties, you said in return

Such common tricks transcend.

Your visions, I will oppose

My mind’s paths, I will close

You said, this night-farer knows

Another way will descend.

With the fragrance of your hair

I’m lost in my world’s affair

You said, if you care, you dare

On its guidance can depend.

I said hail to that fresh air

That the morning breeze may share

Cool is that breeze, you declare

With beloved’s air may blend.

I said, your sweet , red wine

Granted no wishes of mine

You said, in service define

Your life, and your time spent.

I said, when will your kind heart

Thoughts of friendship start?

Said, speak not of this art

Until it’s time for that trend.

I said, happiness and joy

Passing time will destroy.

Said, Hafez, be silent

As Sorrows too will end my friend.”

“Hafez Shirazi”

گفتـم غـم تو دارم گفتا غمت سر آید 

گفتـم کـه ماه من شو گفتا اگر برآید 

گفـتـم ز مـهرورزان رسم وفا بیاموز 

گـفـتا ز خوبرویان این کار کمـتر آید 

گفـتـم کـه بر خیالت راه نظر ببندم 

گفـتا که شب رو است او از راه دیگر آید 

گفتـم که بوی زلفت گمراه عالمم کرد 

گـفـتا اگر بدانی هم اوت رهـبر آید 

گفـتـم خوشا هوایی کز باد صبح خیزد 

گفـتا خنـک نسیمی کز کوی دلبر آید 

گفتم که نوش لعلت ما را به آرزو کشت 

گـفـتا تو بـندگی کن کو بنده پرور آید 

گفـتـم دل رحیمت کی عزم صلح دارد 

گفـتا مـگوی با کس تا وقت آن درآید 

گفتم زمان عشرت دیدی که چون سر آمد 

گفتا خموش حافظ کاین غصه هم سر آید



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