How I started my journey of sharing yoga in a unique way into the magical world of kids

Namaste beloved soul friend!

I am Nobieh Kianifard. I started teaching yoga to children between 5 to 12 years old in my home country Tehran,Iran  in 1999. I am always thankful that the foundation of my educational career was based on working with children.
Spending time with children taught me how to be present in the moment, and be able to hold a diverse and pleasant class for them with more creativity and greater ideas in each session. Each class was a learning session for me. I got to know myself better along with children, through observing them, and with their help, I came up with creative ideas and plans. This made me discover more about them and their mysterious world in order to introduce yoga to them ,as a gift in the best possible way.

During the years I taught yoga to kids, everything was becoming an inspiration for me and I was thinking and writing for hours , reflecting on how to bring a new idea into my yoga class. I got inspired from watching animations, observing nature and all the creatures, the way they move and their behavior to the inspiring stories, poetries,books, kids psychology articles and books on how to communicate better with kids,  creative games and mostly just by observing kids playing and communicating among each other.
After working for some time  with that first group of kids I started my journey of sharing yoga with, I wrote a story based on yoga asanas and named it : “Our Magical jungle of yoga”. We performed it for their parents in the form of a play and since “ The magical Jungle of yoga ” became the main name for my yoga kids classes.

Sharing all these ideas and witnessing their joy and excitement inspired  me to expand  my research then I  provided children with more diverse, useful and professional techniques every year. 

 I shared “ The magical jungle of yoga”  with children from different countries. Later, feeling that it was necessary to make that unique experience accessible to more children, I started to design a teacher training course to educate yoga teachers to specifically work with kids , and in 2006, I performed the first 35-hour yoga kids teacher training course for Iran Yoga Association. The course was held in Tehran and other cities, then I expanded the teaching worldwide also Over the years, the length of the training course increased.
Nobieh yoga kids teacher training program is now 110 hours long, being held in Nobieh school of yoga  registered with yoga alliance since 2014.  (RCYS) (Restricted Children Yoga School).

The circle of ” our Magical Jungle of yoga”  is getting bigger every year. This magic is expanded in different countries by the prominent instructors, being graduated from these training sessions.

Today I guadred all the amazing experiences from my journey of sharing yoga with kids , then all the training  courses for educating teachers to bring the gift of yoga to their own communities, into a book called ” Principles of teaching yoga to kids”.

 In this book I gathered a practical and complete training manual in a way for you to be able to use it and bring lots of joy into the kid you will be introducing these insights with…

It was such an honor and heart touching experience  for me to witness  all the joy, laughter, fun and emotional moments my adult trainees were going through by healing their own inner child in these training sessions.

I can not reflect the  amazing feelings we shared during these years in all the magical circles of yoga kids ttc, but In this training book,  I shared all the useful information and ideas you can take into your own yoga sessions and witness the magic by yourself!

 I hope a day comes when all of us live together, with harmony, peace  and unity, in a magical jungle of love. I hope a day comes when we learn to accept each other, love each other  unconditionally and give color and beauty to our world with our inner magic. I hope we also teach this to our children, to create a world as beautiful and colorful as “Our Magical Jungle of yoga”.

If you like to learn more and take this journey with me you can go to my website to purchase this book!

Let me take you briefly into what you will learn in this book :

1- Become a kid again and teach yoga to children in fun, creative & magical ways!

2-How to design fun, diverse and unique yoga sessions for kids in different age groups.

3-All you need to know about how to be a unique and most Effective yoga kids instructor.

4-How to behave when facing challenges with the way kids might behave in the class in the most constructive and compassionate way.

5-How to introduce yoga postures and breathing exercises to kids and conduct fun,diverse and impactful games.

6- Inspiring stories and practical tools to take children into the world of meditation and relaxation

7-Lots of bright ideas on how to invite children to silence

9- You’ll learn how to begin and end a session in the most effective ways.

8-Also you’ll learn about : Storytelling,poems,role playing,Fun games, chakra healing, colors and their effects, partner yoga, lots of groups and cooperative games,Anatomy & so much more.

               By choosing to take this journey you’ll :

           Play, Laugh,Relax,Learn & Teach yoga to kids! 



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