Today we are going to talk about GRATEFULNESS!

Gratitude increases abundance in Life. When we focus on everything we can be grateful for in Life, we create a habit of focusing on every positive aspect of life and a positive mind creates an abundant Life!

The universe always gives you what you believe you deserve, so by feeling grateful about what you already have , you announce to the universe that you deserve the best out of Life.

If you look , you already have everything you need in your life. You just have to use everything in your possession to make the best out of your unique life…

When you feel the sense of gratefulness in your heart , there is a joy coming out and your life becomes an everyday celebration…

To be grateful in Life is a gift you are giving to your own heart.

By feeling grateful you inhale Love from the air and exhale your gratitude for each and every exhale.

Each time you breathe out is a reminder that you are alive!

And no matter in what situation you are in, you have the gift of Life!

You have everything in you to live a life of your full potential.

Open your heart to greatness.

See the beauties in the world and be grateful for everything you see.


There are things you are not happy about or there are things happening in the world which might hurt or disturb you… But remember you always have the choice to choose to act upon your awareness and compassion rather than reacting to things and matters in the world…

Feel grateful for all as all are part of life.

Now take a deep breath in and inhale love into your lungs , then exhale by sending your gratitude into the world…

Let’s read some sweet words with our hearts from our beloved Sufi master

 “ Molana Rumi”.

In this poem he recalls every atom who is dancing in the ecstasy of divine’s love.

He calls upon the day and reminds us to be grateful for each moment of this dance of Life as all are part of divine’s plan…


Before you read from Rumi,

I have a surprise gift for you!!!

At the end of this blog, you’ll find a link into a” Guided meditation”, taking you to a deep journey of gratitude by listening to this beautiful poem of Rumi!


“Arise oh day! The atoms are dancing!

For her the spheres and wind are dancing

Souls ecstatic with joy are dancing

I’ll whisper in your ear where they are dancing…

Every Atom hovering in the air

Look at it with the eyes of Merci 

as it is insane for the sun as we are for the beloved. 

Every Atom, happy or sad 

Is dazzled in the unquestionable shining sun. “

Molana Rumi

ای روز برا که ذره ها رقص کنند

آن کس که از او چرخ و هوا رقص کنند

جانها ز خوشی بی سر و پا رقص کنند

در گوش تو گویم که کجا رقص کنند

هر ذره که در هوا و در هامونست

نیکو نگرش که همچو ما مجنونست

هر ذره اگر خوش است اگر محزونست

سرگشته خورشید خوش بیچونست

I am so grateful for your beautiful heart, your presence and support! 

If you liked and enjoyed the meditation, share it with your friends and let’s be grateful for our community of soul friends!



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