Plan for your Dream Life!

7 steps toward your dream Life!

Namaste soul friend!

Do you have a dream?




We all somehow have a dream. 

Some material dreams, some spiritual dreams, some love and relationship dreams, some personal dreams, some more universal dreams…

At some points we all dreamed and some dreams we lived or live now , some dreams are forgotten and some are on the way…

As humans we all dream, but what do we do about our dreams?

Do we sit and wait for a miracle for our dreams to come true?


As beloved master “Osho” said:

“ Be realistic! Plan for a miracle!”


We should plan for our dreams!

How do we do that?

Here I will take you into 7 steps toward planning for your dreams.

Then I’ll share 2 guided , Visualization, Affirmation Meditations helping you to give you the right motivation to start planning for your dream life! 

Ok, ready?

Let’s start :

Step one :  

  • The first step is to take a paper and a pen. Sit in a quiet place and now write about whatever is no more serving you toward your growth. Any occupation, habits, addictions, repeating patterns, relationships,… Anything you feel ready to let go in order to make space for a new beginning align with your soul calling.

Step two:

  • Now , start writing about whatever you are grateful for in your life? Think about every little detail you can be grateful for!

Step Three:

  • Then ask yourself these questions:

         What are my passions?

         What gives me the most Joy?

         How can I share my light into the world?

         What are my dreams?

         What are my goals? Relationship goals, Lifestyle goals, Family 

         Goals, humanity goals, health goals,… 

         What is my core intent in life? 

         What is my dream world? How about my dream Life?

Step Four :

  • Once you answered all those questions above,


Who should you become to live in that dream life?

What are the steps you should take in order to get closer to your dreams?

  • Do you need to change your diet? Do you need to wake up earlier and start the day with more motivations? Do you need to exercise and get healthier in your body? Do you need to cut or limit some of your hobbies like spending time on social media, sitting in front of Netflix for hours or any other habits not serving you to move closer to your dreams?


Start by writing your action plans for your new you as if you were already living in that dream life. ( Use present sentences ,like : I am waking up at 6am every morning, I do my morning routines like : Making my bed, meditating, planning for my day, yoga or any exercise, making a healthy ,nourishing breakfast,… Then, Time for your real work in Step Five.

Step Five:

  • In this step you start by going to more details to have a clear picture planning for your dreams.

         First :  imagine the big picture!

         Where are you and How are you once your current dream life is



         What are the steps you should take which takes you there.

         In this phase just write any possibilities such as:

         How much do you have in  your bank account?

         Where do you live?

         What are your possessions?

         Where do you work?

         If you have employers, How many are there? What is their      


         If you have a family, how do you picture your family and what is 

         Your role in the family?

         Think of any other details and create your dream life in a crystal 

         clear picture in your mind. You can also draw them, or find some

         Pictures to print and stick to your paper or save it in your files.

Step six:

  • Time for ACTION plan :

What are the big steps?  Let’s say you have 5 big steps( of course you can have as much as your planning goes)







Break each step into baby steps… 

Once you break your big goals into small steps, then write yourself yearly, monthly , weekly , then daily plan.

It goes like that :

  • Write your plan for the year!

 To picture that , where are you in a year? How much money do you own? Where do you live? With whom are you with? What are your achievements for the whole year?

  • Write your monthly plan!

What are your action steps for the first month?

Maybe make a To Do List at the beginning of the month and plan ahead your action steps for the month to come.

  • Now time for your daily plan!

The action steps you’ll take everyday. You can also make a To Do List every night before you go to bed for the next day and start your day accordingly to your planning.

Step Seven :

  • In the final step , now give yourself time to visualize your dream life everyday for about 10-15 min a day.   Better to do it in the morning right after you wake up , or before you go to sleep.  

Here you go!

Do you feel motivated ?

Are you ready to live your new life aligned with your soul calling?

It’s time for you to live in greatness!

It’s time to live your dreams and once you are there… Everything just flows… You just need to have a Goal. Make it a powerful intent. Live as if you are already there and Plan for your actions taking you on the right path…

Let’s take the example of “ Buddha”. Buddha being a prince once he saw human suffering, he found a purpose in life and one powerful intent which was : To end human suffering!

Then he left his castle and went to search toward his goal.

He never gave up and finally came up with the most powerful teachings of Dharma and the vipassana meditation which is about becoming the observer of our own thoughts…

If Buddha didn’t have that dream of “ Ending human suffering” We’ve never been gifted with such insights from this beautiful being. 

You have a gift to share! Think big and share your light into the world!

The world needs you for who you are…

May all your dreams come true!

And yes! You have everything in you to make it true!

“ Be realistic! Plan for a miracle!”

Here are the links to the guided motivational meditations! 

Hope that you enjoy it!

With Love,



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