”The wound is where the light enters you” Molana Rumi

                             How yoga saved my soul!

              The story of my accident and out of body experience

When I was 8 years old, when the war between Iran and Iraq has just started,  we left our home country to live in France.

The idea was for me, my mom and my sister to settle in France and as my dad has his business in our home country Iran, also due to the nature of his business he had to travel a lot, so he stayed back  in Iran but we’ll all live in between the 2 countries.

We bought a house and settled in the south of France. 

Not long after we engaged in living in France, One afternoon while we were coming back from the beach, a drunk driver lost control of his car , he ran into the sidewalk and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! 

Everything became black…

I went into a short coma.

The picture I have from that moment is so clear to me that I can see it even now after decades passed from that accident…

I saw my body there on the ground, my mom weeping and just begging me to come back.

I was feeling light,  happy and Free, But seeing my mom suffering made me come back into my Body! 

My mother had me at a  young age and I witnessed her losing her dad and younger brother so to see her in so much pain was unbearable and still till today I believe that I came back into my body because of her Love.

The moment I became conscious , I felt a tremendous pain in my knee… I ended up with a broken knee , to be more precise my Patella bone, the knee cap was badly damaged.

So when the ambulance came and we went to the first hospital, they told my mom that I could never use my right leg again and that they can’t fix the broken knee…

I can imagine the world torn apart for my mom… My dad flew back immediately and they finally found a doctor expert in orthopedic and specialized in knee injuries , who accepted to operate on me. They transferred me into another hospital. The operation took hours and I came back with a platter up to my chest! But my knee was saved!

I stayed on that platter for 6 months.

I had to lie down all the time,  as you can see in the picture here!

Then they cut my platter from my upper body and I stayed in it for another 3 months.

During the years to come I had many other operations , until the age of 15, When I had my last operation for which I stayed in a reduction centre for 6 months then my parents have been through so much that they decided to definitely move back to Iran and we settled back there.

I was a confused teenager when I got back to my home country. My accident changed me without me realizing it… My out of body experience was so pleasant that being in my body became challenging… I wanted that feeling again… The freedom and the lightness… So I read a lot of philosophical and psychology books to understand myself, but as I was getting more knowledge the less I was really understanding what was really wrong in me… Why couldn’t I be really happy? Something was missing all the time…

Then I discovered yoga!

Through yoga I felt the real connection to my soul… Suddenly I was feeling happy! I loved my body and started to live my passions! I travelled to India and I started to Dance…

A forgotten dream I had since childhood.

Years after I stepped into the yoga mat and took yoga as my life path, I went to a vipassana meditation centre in Dharamsala , north of India. 

In the middle of my 10 days meditations, as I was on my meditation suddenly I went back to my accident scene… The same experience of freedom and lightness, then the pain of going back to my injured body!… As Goenka J repeated : Anicha , Anicha, Anicha ( This shall pass too) I burst into tears and cried for hours… It was a realisation of the question I was asking myself for years… I am not this body! I am not this pain! I am absolute freedom… I am Love… I am Light!…

Since  then, whenever I see all my scars on my right leg from my accident I remember and understand what Rumi talked about when he said :

  ”The wound is where the light enters you” 

May you always be surrounded by Light and Love.

May we all be Free…


While they all fall in love with my smile ,I was waiting for the one who will fall in Love with my scars! And at the end I realized, I was the one I was waiting for!





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