"Dance Of No Name"
Dance Of No Name


Let’s start by some questions :

-Do you love to dance? 

-Would you like to take dance into a consciousness practice? 

-Do you think you can’t dance but love to let your body express itself freely in movement without the judging mind of 

“ I’m not a dancer!” ? 

-Is it challenging for you to sit in meditation and think that you can’t meditate?

-Would you like to Move and Meditate at the same time?

-How about meditation through dance and movement?


Let’s explore a bit about what “ Conscious Dance” is and then what is “ Dance Of No Name” ?

Conscious dance is : 

A moving meditative journey within your soul. 

A practice of personal growth and awareness. 

A unique pathway to learn different methods of movements & meditation that connect you to breath, body, and present moment. 

A practical tool to create an intimate relationship with yourself, others, community, and spirit.

A practice that helps release the tensions and stresses of our modern fast paced world. 

An opportunity to experience deep joy.

A journey leading you into your Authentic self. 

An expression of your soul through your body. 

A doorway into releasing suppressed emotions and discovering your true Dance of Life! 

Conscious dance is a Moving meditation practice , it’s a self expression through body movement and breath awareness. 

It is an embodied path for deeper connection with yourself, others and the whole world. 

Conscious dance can be done by anyone regardless of physical ability, fitness or prior dance experience.

The style I’ll created after years of practice into : Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Tantra, different Alternative therapies , Osho active meditations, Kalari and more , I called  “ The dance of No Name”


As I want you to find a Name for your own Dance of Life! 

The dance of No Name is a journey for your mind, body to break through its limitations and repeating patterns in order for your soul to find its unique expression freely and wildly in this human life you are born in…

Through its Seven Forms, you’ll discover a pathway toward your true self.

The seven Forms of DONN ( Dance Of No Name) are :

1-Open Space 







To learn more watch my  intro youtube videos and if you are interested subscribe to learn more about my journey.

You can also Purchase my book “ Dance Of No Name” to discover more about this meditative journey through dance.



I hope to see you in our DONN community!

Love All-Ways,



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