Namaste my soul friend!

Today’s subject is Love!

And who better than beloved Sufi master , Hafez to illuminate our way toward the path of Love…

As Hafez says :  

جان را چه خوشی باشد بی صحبت جانانه

How can the soul rejoice without soulful company? 

What Harez refers to here by “ Soulful company” , in Farsi “ JANANAEH” Means what is sweet to the soul… What is sweeter to the soul than the talk of Love…

Love is eternal, is sacred and It’s a way of Life…

A Sufi is someone on the path of Love.

The Sufi sees Love in everything and a worldly Love is precious as it shows how immence the Love of Divine is…

Love never dies! If so, then it’s not Love… A temporary feeling which loses its truth over time is not Love. So you can never fall in Love. In true Love you can only Rise!

As beloved master Osho said:

Fall in silence, Rise in Love!

So let’s fall in silence together , close our eyes and listen to Sufi mystic Hafez on his message of Love…

From whose house this joyous light brightens my heart?

Whose lover has sent my soul this cupid’s burning dart?

This state wrecks my house and my faith

Whose bosom enfolds her & whose fingers her hair part?

The nectar of her lips always remains upon my lips

Whose soul will comfort & for whom the cup will fill?

That candle who radiates riches and joy

Ask God, whose butterfly is the flame longing for?

Mesmerizes everyone, while none can know

To whose tale does her gentle heart fall into?

O God, that supremely gentle and graceful face

Whose rare gem and unique beloved is she for?

I sighed, O Hafez, that I’m crazy when apart

He smiled at me and said:

Now who is the mad one from the start?

یا رب این شمع دل افروز ز کاشانه کیست 

جان ما سوخت بپرسید که جانانه کیسـت 

حالیا خانـه برانداز دل و دین من اسـت 

تا در آغوش که می‌خسبد و همخانه کیست 

باده لعـل لـبـش کز لب من دور مـباد 

راح روح کـه و پیمان ده پیمانـه کیسـت 

دولت صحبت آن شمع سعادت پرتو 

باز پرسید خدا را که بـه پروانـه کیسـت 

می‌دهد هر کسش افسونی و معلوم نشد 

کـه دل نازک او مایل افسانـه کیسـت 

یا رب آن شاهوش ماه رخ زهره جبین 

در یکـتای کـه و گوهر یک دانه کیسـت 

گـفـتـم آه از دل دیوانه حافظ بی تو 

زیر لب خنده زنان گفت که دیوانه کیسـت

I also have a gift for you my friend!

You can now listen to this soulful conversation in the audio I prepared specially for you!

Hey, check out this track on SoundCloud: nobieh Mad in Love with Sufi mystic and poet  “ Hafez”!

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I hope that you enjoy and may you always RISE IN LOVE!

Love in ALL-WAYS,


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