Poem of Butterflies

Blissful day to all soul friends!

Today I want to talk to you about some of the “keys” used in Sufi Persian Poetry. 

As I mentioned before, in Persian poetry there are some codes and use of words for different meanings.

As you might already noticed with “Molana” ‘ s work or if you are familiar with other Persian poets like “Hafez” or “ Khayam” , you heard of “wine” and getting drunk which are interpreted as “ The nectar of divine’s love” and getting drunk or going mad in this Love which means to dive into that vast ocean of light and dissolve in it as salt…

Mostly to “ Die” in Sufi poetry means “ The dead of Ego” and a rebirth in our own divinity. 

Also one other meaningful symbol of Love is the “ Butterfly”

And many poets recited about the Love of a butterfly for the candle light.

Today I want to share with you a poem by “ Attar e Neishaburi” .

Attar was an inspiration for many Persian poets like Rumi & Hafez.

As Molana Rumi Mentioned attar as “ The heart” of Persian poetry and he pointed out in his poems about Attar : 

“Attar has roamed through the seven cities of love while we have barely turned down the first street.” 

This was pointed out to the 7 pathways toward Freedom in sufi path,  also Attar have a beautiful , magnificent long poem called ” The pilgrimage of birds”   which the Seven path are mentioned in such a poetic and amazing story…

*If you go to my blogs, you’ll find few blogs in which I talked about the  “ Seven city of Love” in Attar’s poem but also about the Seven in different cultures… 

Rumi also recited in another poem about the greatness of  Attar’s words and wisdom :

من آن مولا ی رومی ام 

که از نطقم شکر ریزد

ولیکن در سخن گفتن غلام شیخ عطارم

“I am the one called Master Rumi whose language is as sweet as sugar,

But in the art of poetry I am a humble servant in front of Sheikh Attar.”

So here is a beautiful poem by Attar , which explains the meaning of the real Love in a tale of butterflies :

Poem translated in English:

«In the realm of LOVE we are like the tale of the 3 butterflies.

The first one came near the candle flame & said : 

I discovered what the meaning of Love is!

The second one came closer and its wing touched the flame and said:

I burned in the flame of Love!

The third one threw itself inside the fire and vanished!

Yes , yes… 

This was the real meaning of LOVE. »

From the Sufi poet “ Attar Neishabouri “ 

How it is pronounced:

( Eshgh means LOVE )

Jomlegi hameh dar hokm e seh parvaneim,

Dar jahan e Asheghan Afsaneim,

Avvali khod ra be sham nazdik kard, Goft :Hal, man yaftam manaye Eshgh.

Dovvomi nazdik e sholeh bal zad, Goft : Hal, man sukhtam dar soozeh Eshgh.

Sevvomi khod dakheleh atash fekand! 

Ari,Ari… In bud manayeh ESHGH.

In its original language Farsi:

جملگی همه در حکم سه پروانه ایم

در جهان عاشقان افسانه ایم

اولی خود را به شمع نزدیک کرد، گفت حال ، من یافتم معنای عشق

دومی نزدیک شعله بال زد، گفت حال ، من سوختم در سوز عشق

سومی خود را داخل آتش فکند 

آری، آری این بود معنای عشق

«عطار نیشابوری» 

You can go to the link below and hear the poem in both Farsi language and its translation in english.

I hope that you enjoy and may your lives be always filled with divine’s Love and May you get drunk in the ocean of this sweet nectar of radical Love!

Love in ALL-WAYS,


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