{ Spring of Love }

Namaste my soul friend! 

Today I have a gift of Love for you!

Welcome to this Free Gift meditation with the sweet words of the beloved Sufi mystic and poet Molana Rumi.

( This is the transcript for the meditation. Get ready and open the file added at the end of this text to start your audio meditation with me!)

I’ll be sharing more guided meditation inspired by Persian Sufi poetry in the upcoming weeks! So stay tuned and check your emails and let’s meditate together with these beloved Sufi masters!


Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit.

Light Up some candles, burn incense or sage or anything to purify your sacred space for meditation.

Then slowly close your eyes…

Open Your chest and bring your spine upward.

Take a few deep breaths…

Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale with a sound…

Repeat a few times…

Then take deep , gentle breaths through your nose and gently also breath out through your nose again or your mouth if you feel more comfortable…

Relax all your body parts…

Now observe your breathing as it is…

Then bring your awareness to your heart centre…

The language of Rumi is the language of Love… So open your heart and receive this beautiful sufi hearted sage through your heart…

Let the words caress your heart gently and get blessed with its brilliant light…


In the name of Love 

Let’s dive in Love again

And spread Gold dust all over the world 

Let’s be a new spring of Love and feel the breeze of heaven’s scents

Let’s dress the earth, the mountains,the valleys, the gardens and our souls all in Green.

And like a sap of a young tree 

Let’s the grace from within , ground us in our roots.

The lovers found a way to beloved’s heart

In Love,

Let’s follow the path of the lovers 

And surrender our hearts to the beloved. 

Let’s carve gems out of our stony hearts

and let them illuminate our path to Love

The glance of Love is crystal clear

And we are blessed with its brilliant light. 

“Molana Rumi “

بیا تا عاشقی از سر بگیریم

جهان خاک را در زر بگیریم

بیا تا نوبهار عشق باشیم

نسیم از مشک و از عنبر بگیریم

زمین و کوه و دشت و باغ و جان را

همه در حله اخضر بگیریم

دکان نعمت از باطن گشاییم

چنین خو از درخت تر بگیریم

ز سر خوردن درخت این برگ و بر یافت

ز سر خویش برگ و بر بگیریم

به‌ دل ره برده‌اند ایشان به دلبر

دل ما هم ره دلبر بگیریم

مسلمانی بیاموزیم از وی


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