What is the opposite of Love?


Namaste my soul friend,

Today the question I’m asking you is that :

In your opinion “ What is the opposite of Love?”

I know we all heard somehow “Hate” to be the opposite of Love. I also thought that way in my very young age, but by time and entering into the world of Spirituality I learned that “ Fear” was the opposite of Love.

That made more sense as Hate to me is not a real feeling. It actually comes from an explosion of anger. In some cases this extreme anger leading to what we call hate, comes from Love or what we knew as Love in a human experience.

Fear is also a natural feeling we all have inside. We also heard that where fear comes Love can not be. So fear was also known as the opposite of Love. Although giving a thought today, I don’t see fear as the opposite of Love but maybe a feeling preventing us to risk , which to feel Love one should risk.

 The sufi poets mentioned the real Love assemble the Love of the butterfly for the candle flame! You need to jump and vanish inside the flame to feel the real Love…

This is the end of ego.

So can “Ego” or the false self be the opposite of Love?

Where your Ego interferes Love disappears.

Also make sense! Right?

I also heard “ Indifference” to be the opposite of Love by Elie Wiesel who is a human right activist and Holocaust surviver.

Which is also true, as Love is caring, empathy and giving full attention to the subject of Love, so when there is indifference Love is definitely Not!

The absence of empathy means there is no love. 

In a way all make sense but,to understand what the opposite of Love is for us, first we need to know what Love is for us?

What is Love for you ?

Can you answer that? It’s one of those questions in which you can read millions of words in books describing Love, but unless you don’t feel it in you, you can never understand what Love is…

The poets recite about Love and we hear , but only if you felt the feeling of Love in you then the poet touches you deep down into that sacred space we felt that magical sense of Love. Otherwise it’s just beautiful words we hear but no feeling arises inside the heart.

To feel Love we need to open our hearts and Trust.


To me I would say “ The absence of trust” is where there is no Love.

On the other hand, when diving deeper into the realm of Love, something else also rises up which is Love is the whole existence so opposite of Love is “non-existence”

Now, what about you my soul friend?

What is the opposite of Love to you?

I would love to hear from you.

Leave a comment here or write to me and share your thoughts on the subject…

Sending you Love from the deepest part of my soul…

From my heart to yours, I bow down…

Have a beautiful day!


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