Persian Sufi Poetry Course by Nobieh.

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Namaste soul friend,

For those of you my beloved soul friends who’ve been following me, you know that , I have been sharing Persian Sufi Poetries with you for some time now.( If you just started to become a member of our soul family then check out my previous blogs and youtube videos.)

It was an insightful & nurturing journey for me to dive more into this ocean of radical Love and gather all the information to build a course in which you’ll be introduced to 7 of my chosen Poets of the golden age of perisan sufi poetry such as ( Molana Rumi, Hafez, Khayam & more).

In this course, we will travel into the depth of the ocean of Persian Sufi Poetry in a poetic , informative and meditative way.

You will hear the poems recited in English but also you’ll hear the beautiful melody of its original language

” Farsi”.

The course consist of 7 sections: 

Each is about a Sufi poet of the Golden age of the Persian Sufi Poetry from late 12th to 14th Century.

These presented Poems are :

Molana Rumi, Attar, Sanaii, Hafez, Khayyam,Saadi & Shabestari. 

Each section has 3 parts :

1- Introduction to the Poet

2-Poems and its translations and interpretations

3-Meditation with the Sufi poet 

You’ll also get some extra surprises during the journey.

So, is this for you ?

 Let’s dive into that vast ocean of illuminating wisdom and get drunk in its sweet nectar of Love.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me and I get back with a smile to guide you into this soulful journey.

Watch my video and receive “Molana Rumi” with your heart. Then if you feel in your heart that this resonates with your heart follow the link on my home page or provided on the video to subscribe to the course.

Here you can get direct access to the course :

With Love in All-Ways, hope to hear back from you!;)



Poems recited in the videos:

Poem #1 :

🦋Translated in English by Nobieh : 

The path of the dervish & the lover rules together.

The agony of love is a treasure but is hidden. 

I ruined the house of my own heart with my own hands.

As I came to know that, the treasure is in demolition. 

🦋In Farsi: 

درویشی و عاشقی به هم سلطانیست

گنجست غم عشق ولی پنهانیست

ویران کردم بدست خود خانه دل

چون دانستم که گنج در ویرانیست

🦋 How it is pronounced: 

Darvishi o asheghi be ham soltanist

Ganj ast ghame eshgh vali penhanist

Viran kardam be daste khod khaneye del

Chon danestam ke ganj dar viranist 


🦋 translated in English by Nobieh:

Do you know What I am laughing at? 

At my magnanimous spirit! 

As In your city of love,

I am a king to all lovers. 

🦋 How it is pronounced: 

Danii ke az che khandam? 

Az hemmat e bolandam. 

Zira be shahr e eshghat 

Bar asheghan amir am. 

🦋in Farsi : 

دانی که از چه خندم

از همت بلندم 

زیرا به شهر عشقت 

بر عاشقان امیرم

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