Hi there my sufi hearted soul friend!

Hope that your heart is shining in the vibrant lights of Love.

I have some exciting news to share with you!

Let’s begin:


1: 🔔

– Do you want to discover what your Dharma is?

-Do you want to re connect to the “joy” in you?

-Do you want to learn to meditate?

-Do you want to connect to your inner child?

-Do you want to meet your inner “ Spiritual warrior” ?

If you have a yes to any of these questions ,I have great news for you!

I’ll be open to online Private sessions for the month of July with a special discounted package price.

Write to me to learn more and book a session with me!

I will offer you a 20 min audio call to learn about your request and to see if we are in soul connection to work together, then only I will schedule a package of 3, two hours sessions to work on your special demand of your soul.

So reply to me soon as I have limited availability for my special offer ONLY during the month of July!

2: 🔔

Are you interested in persian Sufi Poetry and like to dive deeper in this ocean?

Then :

Stay updated for my new upcoming course :

“ Meditate with persian Sufi poetry”

An exciting course through which I’ll take you into the world of Persian Sufi poetry and introduce you to 7 of my chosen persian poets such as :

Molana Rumi, Hafez, Saadi, Khayam and more.

Keep checking my blogs and subscribe to my youtube channel to get updated about the launch of the course.

Now let’s hear a poem of Rumi on :

Again and Again Rumi ,the king of Lovers takes us deeper into our hearts and brings the magic of Love into our hearts.



LOVE in All-Ways,


Follow the link and go to my YouTube video to enjoy the poem read by me! 🙂


🦋 Translated in English by Nobieh 

Rejoicing & rapture won’t increase without love.

Polished & graceful won’t be the being without love. 

A hundreds of drops might fall from the cloud to the ocean,

But the pearl will remain hidden without the motion of Love. 

🦋 In Farsi language : 

بی عشق نشاط و طرب افزون نشود

بی عشق وجود خوب و موزون نشود

صد قطره ز ابر اگر به دریا بارد

بی جنبش عشق در مکنون نشود

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