Practice Patience with Sufi mystic “Molana Rumi”

Good day to soulful community of friends, 

Here is another beautiful poem of our Sufi mystic “ Molana Rumi”. 

But first , I want to share some insights from my own journey into entering the world of persian poetry and how and why it took me to share these poems with you, my friends… 

As I said before, there are so many secret keywords in persian poetry; We have to understand that the language of the Sufi sages like Molana & Hafez from 13-14 th Century and the use of words were totally different in those centuries.

 Due to the political system at the time they had to use some secret keywords to share their heart message and we are now reading them in the modern world with our understanding of the time… But to get deeper you need to understand the mindset of sufi poets from that era.

Although I am speaking Farsi , I am still not an expert on persian poetry and I’m also learning but one other thing that I understood in my journey into Persian Sufi poetry is that their language is the language of the heart and once you let the words enter into your heart and meditate upon to it, you allow these sages to speak directly to your heart…

What I share with you , is not from a traditional look at the poetry but a heart felt , direct perception of what I understand on the other hand also researched to be faithful in my give out to you.

I also have a very dear soul friend ( Amir )  who is an expert on Persian culture, art and literature  , who also not only has a beautiful heart but he is also the mind behind my new website you are visiting now!;) He always advises me on a deeper understanding of the language of persian poems. I’m so grateful to him as , while looking to find the real poems from the existing translations, unfortunately most of the time I couldn’t find the original poems which the famous translations have been around. Then he was the one who inspired me to dive deeper into understanding the sufi culture and advised me to not rely on the translation versions of persian poems instead to understand and read from the source…

That is how my eyes and heart had opened and I found a mission to share the poems as they entered my own heart in its real essence and language.

I understand now that the translations might seem beautiful and heart touching still having the essence of the real poems ,but after making my own research and the help of my dear friend as I mentioned, I realized that there are many translations from people who didn’t speak a word of Farsi like the most famous ones you’ll find all over from “ Coleman Bark” and “ Ladinsky”. What they wrote and quoted on Molana Rumi & Hafez are the interpretations of the translations they found.

Therefore I started my own journey to get my hands on real and reliable translations. I’m also translating some of the poems myself. It might not have the beautiful Rhyme and Rhythm transmitted from the language of the poets, but it gives you the real words spoken by these masters.

Let’s go back now to the poem for today!

Aa I mentioned before the rhythm and rhyme in Persian poetry is so beautiful, especially in some poems of Rumi like this one when he is talking to the beloved. 

Like here : the word “ Khoda” in Farsi means God , but in the way it’s written in Farsi language in this poem “ khod A” ,  means : “ become aware of yourself” or “declare yourself”. 

*( I want to add here that , in Molana’s poem the more accurate meaning of the word ” Khod A” , is the first one which is ” To declare yourself”. Again I’m so grateful to dearest ” Amir” for sharing the precious knowledge of the factual tradition in order for me to dive deeper into the real meanings. In case you’d also like to explore more about the ” Evolution on the word KHODA or GOD in Farsi, write to me and I would share the link with you privately , to explore the deeper meaning behind the word)

So when Rumi asks the beloved on how and where he will fill him up with existence: 

He says : ta gofti “ khod A” 

Which means in both ways :

When you declare yourself! But also “for me” can reflect when you call upon the name of God “ Khoda”. 

Hope that you enjoy my friends and let Rumi’s words caress your hearts…

YA-HOO 🙌🏽🙏🏽🦋

🦋In Farsi language : 

گفتی که مستت می کنم ، پر زانچه هستت می کنم 

گفتم چگونه ؟ از کجا ؟ 

گفتی که تا گفتی خودآ ! 

گفتی که درمانت دهم، بر هجر پایانت دهم

گفتم کجا؟ کی خواهد این ؟ 

گفتی صبوری باید این! 

🦋How it is pronounced: 

Gofti ke mastat mikonam, 

Por zanche hastat mikonam

Goftam chegune ? Az koja? 

Gofti ke ta gofti “ Khod A” 

Gofi ke darmanat daham 

Bar hejr payanat daham

Goftam koja? Key khahad in? 

Gofti saburi bayad in! 

🦋Translation in English: 

You said : I will make you drunk in ecstasy!

I will fill you up with existence!

I said : How ? From where ? 

You said : The moment you declare yourself! 

You said : I will heal you, I will give an end to your longing. 

I said : Where ? When will that happen? 

You said : patience is the key my friend! 


*Find a youtube video in which I will talk directly to you about this poem!;) :

 Love in All Forms,



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