Happy international yoga day!

 Namaste to my loving soul friend,

Happy international yoga day!

Today I want to talk to you about a book I wrote on the subject of yoga!

But not any yoga! YOGA IN THE WORLD OF KIDS…

This book is so precious to my heart as I put all my heart and experiences during years of offering this work to kids,then to grown ups who wanted to find yoga in a fun and more creative way to share it with their kids…

Also, we tend to get so serious in the path of yoga! While the world is not serious.Nothing is serious and we need to loosen up sometimes and remember that we’ve been kids once and we still have that innocent part hidden in our souls who wants to play,laugh,have fun and at the same time feel the joy of being alive in a more peaceful way.

To learn more about my process of writing this book watch my video about the subject and follow the links to get the book if you haven’t already.

I’ll be ready to answer all your questions about this journey into your inner child and taking the play into the kids of the world…

Here a passage from the book :

“Kids are the original yogis. In many ways, they develop their own asana    because of their 

natural flexibility. Bending backwards and forwards for instance, is much easier and fun 

for them to do. In this book you will learn how to create varied and fun classes for 

children of all ages. 

Games will be explained in a simple way. You will experience each and every game and connect with your inner kid , then you’ll be ready to introduce it to the world of children.

     With your knowledge and creativity you will be prepared to develop your own way      of teaching yoga to children of different abilities and ages.

We go through this process together because we have all been kids before, we love kids, 

We work with kids and some of us have their own kids we want to share this magic with.. 

Our purpose and goal through this process and teachings is to understand children’s 

abilities and limits, to then design & create dynamic, entertaining , useful and amazing classes just for them. 

Enjoy the journey. Free your mind, play like a kid, have fun, and laugh a lot! “

“My goal of writing this book was to give you a complete, practical guide to understand children’s world, design fun and effective yoga sessions for kids , but also to know better your own inner child and enjoy experiencing life with yoga and play as a child.

This book is written for Yoga teachers or yoga practitioners who like to share yoga with their kids.

One thing I want to point out here is that , This book is not illustrated but will guide you step by step into how to execute a game and take the ideas into designing your yoga session for kids.

Also in this book you won’t learn about how to teach yoga asanas in their traditional way and their exact teaching points and adjustments.

 So,  If you don’t know the yoga asanas, you might get confused and you need to be a yoga teacher  or a passionate and regular yoga practitioner  to get more benefit from this book.

Also If you come with any questions during your reading , you can always drop me an email and I’ll be happy to assist you in your process.”

Follow the link bellow to go to my YouTube Chanel and watch my intro video about my book!

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