“The enchanted Garden” Rumi poem by  Nobieh

Hi there my loving soul friend!

I hope that you enjoy the beautiful month of May as we are gradually ending it and moving to June.

The video you’ll find at the end of my blog, is from the beginning of spring when I was in my homeland in the garden I lived in for a year. Witnessing the full four seasons and the glory of each season in its beautiful nature.

So much magic started to unfold to me by being the witness of the nature around me. With all the chaotic news from my motherland to all over the world that we all faced and still facing in our planet, I went into deep ,insightful and most delightful moments surrendering to nature and trusting only what my heart feels, nurtured by the love of the mother (the mother earth). 

When the outside world pushes and feeds you with fear, you can always go in and find your light within, then watch, observe and listen to the nature around you. You’ll see how beautiful life is. How sacred life is.

And how lucky you are just be alive and have the gift of your breath.

I do believe that we live in our own created land of dreams. So be aware where your dreams lead you to!

This doesn’t mean to live ignorant of what’s happening around you and not get informed, but just to not get “Identified” by what’s happening.

As “Lao Tzu” quoted: ” Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”.

If you focus on nature, you’ll always find hope, joy and inspiration.

In this moment you have the choice to live in disguise , hate, fear,anger,… or to live in peace,love,joy & harmony. No matter what happens in the outside world, you are the one who decides and chooses how you want to live in this moment and this day.

We are part of our nature, if we observe and act in our authentic self, life changes in us as the full four seasons change and each has its own qualities needed for our growth.

Now let’s do an exercise together…

Just close your eyes, take a few deep breaths. Relax your body and let your thoughts pass by the back of your mind like passing clouds. Then imagine a garden blooming in its spring. Imagine all the blossoms, colors, the green grass , the butterflies, bees and the scent of flowers all around you.

Imagine the rain falling then the sun shining in between opening up the sky with a beautiful rainbow.

Stay there and let your heart sing in its enchanted garden for a while.

Then slowly open your eyes and see how you feel?

Feel how “Lucky” you are in this moment for having the precious gift of life. Now what you want to do with this gift is what you will decide… Choose with your heart…

You always have “The enchanted garden of your heart” to go to when you feel upset from the outside world. Go to your garden of the heart , then spread the colors of the rainbow into the world and be the one bringing more colors, light ,love,hope,joy and beauty into the world.

Don’t wait from the outside to save you from the darkness. Just go in and find the light in you. As we all know, the world starts to change when you change from within yourself.

May your garden of the heart be always enchanted through your own love and light within.

Love to you in all the ways…


The poem by Molana Rumi mentioned in my video:

🦋English translation by Nobieh : 

Flourished the garden I blossomed in its spring & 

Manifested all that I declared! 

When “ it “paired me with the cup bearer of luck, 

I became drunk , exultant in its Grace.

I laid my head down, surrendered & fell asleep. 

🦋 In its original language “ Farsi”: 

باغی که من از بهار او بشکفتم

بشکفت و نمود هرچه من میگفتم

با ساغر اقبال چو کرد او جفتم

سرمست شدم سر بنهادم خفتم

🦋How it is pronounced: 

Baghi ke man az bahar e oo beshkoftam

Beshkoft o nemood har che man migoftam

Ba saghar e eghbal cho kard oo joftam

Sar mast shodam

Sar benahadam, khoftam 

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