I believe the two main causes of our sufferings are Attachments and Expectations… But there are ways to practice around these obstacles…

-One and the most important of all is Love… starting by practicing Self Love , the unconditional Love for your soul and expanding that Love into compassion for the planet we live in and all its beings. 

Having a heart which Loves without fear is a blessing and a gift to yourself and the world. 

-One more thing is to stop trying to be right and instead just accepting everything as it is without judgment, becoming more of an observer

-Then, having a sense of humor and to not take things so seriously. Having a laugh when you realize you’ve been too serious is a blast! 

-Asking the question : How May I serve ? How can I be in service in this world instead of wanting and asking for things all the time.

-being Grateful. Being grateful for all! Not just when you receive something which you consider to be a blessing but see all life experiences as a blessing and be grateful for all of it… A grateful soul is always in a state of bliss…

-spend time in Nature as much as you can. Tune with nature and see the miracles of life everywhere, in everything.

Synchronicity happens when you become one with all creatures and you’ll see the lights of divinity in all. Then there won’t be any separation from you and all other beings… you become “one” with all…

-learn without owning the knowledge, be empty all the time and look at life as a new born child with eyes of wonder every day you wake up! 

-and last but not least… Meditate!

 Be present and practice Mindfulness. When you are here and now there won’t be any attachment… there won’t be any expectation as those are the byproduct of a mind which dwells either in the past or Future… The reality of Now is pure consciousness… is the divine within pure self… it is “Satchidananda”.




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