Nobieh at "Bali Spirit Festival"

My story of Dance at “ The Bali Spirit Festival 2019” and the “ Gift of Insult for being a dancing woman!”

Beloved Women, you are never ridiculous! 

Shine your Light without any shame!

🌹💃🏻To all beautiful Goddesses🌹💃🏻

“I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you,and that you will work with these stories from your life–not someone else’s life–water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom. That is the work. The only work.”

From the book : 👉🏼woman who runs with wolves👈🏼

Last year at the Bali spirit Festival 2019 ,when I lived in Bali for 6 months and by the time of the bali spirit festival In end of March and beginning of April,  I was helping at Aum Rudraksha booth to support my friend Soma the founder of the company I was the distributor for the Rudkarsha malas for couple of years in my home country Iran.

Dance has always been part of my spiritual journey.

I felt liberation in Dance.

Last year , I was dancing in my joy in Aum Rudraksha booth with the music and loud drums coming from all over the festival, sharing my part of joy  as it is a celebrative festival that happens in Bali every year…

It was my birthday and I was celebrating myself being in this body as a woman for 4 decades and the exciting life I chose and was also gifted by…

The same day I had a discussion with a man who called me “ Ridiculous” commenting on me dancing at the festival… He told me that I looked ridiculous and that if dance was really my passion I should have been dancing in a corner without anyone seeing me!

Suddenly I was broken! Not because of what he said at that time, but it reminded me of all the fanatic and religious men in the part of the world I was born in , who accused women of being a subject of sin and put veils on us in order to control their own temptation. All those men who put shame on beautiful women , accusing them to be prostitutes when they were shining in their beauty and joyfulness!

The sad part for me was that for a moment I felt ashamed! And I believed it… Although the reality was that, what he said was ridiculous and not me. But it went back to the roots of what we as women have always been accused of and we’ve always been told to behave and to dim our light , to not be seen and attract attention toward us. To feel guilty even to be beautiful! 

That man was not even from the Middle east, as we always associated the narrow minded men from that part of the world!

He was an american who was brought up in the spirit of a spiritual community believing in Freedom, claimed to be blessed by an Indian spiritual master who left his body few years ago, for whom I also have tremendous respect, who’s message was nothing but Freedom , peace, Love and Respect for all beings! So where that idea of shaming a woman came around for that man? The question came to me on the spot , but later I knew it was not about him as everyone is Free to believe what they believe and It’s not my job to judge anyone but my question then turned into :

“Why did I accepted that gift of insult?”

I knew then that I still have work to do on myself.

I went into 7  days of total silence and deep meditations.

I asked help from the angels and the Goddess spirit to be able to forgive and let go of the hurt.

All the hurts I still carried in my womb as a woman and I’ve been working on to heal it for years…

On my last day of the seven days journey, as I was ending my early morning meditation, I had some mantra music playing in shuffle and in a moment “ The amazing Grace” was playing and I felt a warm light coming right through my heart…

I opened my eyes… The sun was shining and a beautiful light was all over me!

I felt the grace and the healing lights opened my heart…

I knew I was healed from that hurt…

I couldn’t resist taking a picture , to remember that moment of healing…

One year later, here I am!

I created my own conscious dance faculty I called “ Dance Of No Name”.

My book has been just published and I am sharing this work today with you my friends from a liberated soul, hoping for all men and women to live in Freedom; To bravely shine their light into the world and to all beautiful woman I just want to say :

You are never ridiculous !!!  Don’t feel ashamed to shine your light and to bloom. Don’t let any man humiliate you for who you are! You are beautiful and ridicule is the one who feels threatened by the shine of a woman dancing in her ecstasy….

I share this work with you all and I’m never going to be in the shadows again! 

I love this quote also from the same book I opened this blog for you my beloveds; From        ” The woman who run with wolves” :

“Though her soul requires seeing, the culture around her requires sightlessness. Though her soul wishes to speak its truth, she is pressured to be silent.”

Well, Today I stand here strong,presenting you my book of DANCE Called :

Dance Of No Name!

I’m not silent anymore!

I speak and live my truth…

My dance doesn’t have a name!

Just a dance I called “ No Name”!

Taking the journey of Dance Of No Name with me, you’ll be able to go through the Seven forms I present to you in it, like my seven days of healing journey, then find your own dance of the moment. You’ll name your own dance when you know it in your heart…

To you who called my dance “ Ridiculous” Thank you for hurting me and making me realize how precious my dance is…

And to all the men who humiliated women in some ways , making her feel ashamed of her beauty and grace… Know that there is a woman lying in your own heart and every time you put a woman down , the woman is crying in your heart… A warm healing hug for all of you and may a day come when you face the truth and start living in Freedom of judgment and may you heal in your manhood to stand by a woman , inspiring her, respecting her and not trying to discriminate against her…

Don’t be afraid of a woman’s power, empower her and see the miracles happen in your own life…

From my dancing soul,in my Goddess body I bow down to your beautiful soul…

Always stay true to your own heart…

💓 Love in ALL-ways💓

Make your heart a treasure box of your sweet memories and let go of the hurt as your heart is more precious than the hurt you carry in… You might never forget which is good as you’ll take the lesson with you , but as you forgive you polish your heart for new sweet spots to be filled with Love & light…

As the Persian poet, Molana Rumi said:

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”



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