Happy Woman’s DAY!

Namaste my beloved soul friend !

Happy women’s day to all the Goddesses who celebrated life in all its ups & downs… Fall to the nurturing arms of the Mother Earth many times and rise up stronger and shined brighter to become an inspiration for other women to awaken their true Goddesses within their fearless soul and make this earth a more kind, soft and loving place for all beings to live…

I wrote these 2 blogs last year in honor of all women…I re share it here for you again today… You might find it inspiring for you as a woman who healed from your wounded heart or to remember how you are seen by a Sufi hearted soul…Love to all the mothers and amazing women of our world who also raised amazing human beings… Men, Women to be “ human” and to not forget that being human means to be made out of LOVE… And a reminder that , this is also what we need to share in our earth and give back the LOVE…JAY MA 🙌🏽🙏🏽😌💃🏻❤️✨✨✨✨https://nobiehkiani.com/the-spiritual-importance-of-women-according-to-mowlana-rumi/

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